This is me

Hello! I'm Blake! I come from a large family in Greenville, SC. I have 4 siblings of which I am second oldest. If you notice my social media, you'll easily figure out my favorite sibling. But seriously - I come from a fantastic family! We are all close and love spending time together.

Usually I am described as a very passionate person who "knows everyone" (I'm not even that extroverted?) But I do love making new acquaintances!

I'm an idealist and a thinker. Ideas continuously flow out of my mind. Those ideas tend to revolve around personal development, social empowerment, education, and business. My ideas keep me motivated and working hard.

I am also a developed book reader . I say developed because until I had initially dropped out of college (explanation below), I might have read 10 books since adolescence. I'm nearing 90+ books as of now!

If you're interested in education, leadership, home improvement, music, business, relationships, or spiritual topics, we have things to talk about!

I'm also a soccer fan but I won't talk much about that because you probably don't care about soccer - and that's okay.

My Story in brief

As stated above, I am from Greenville, South Carolina. I have lived here 21 of my 22 years. I grew up in a fundamentalist Baptist church (and school). 3rd grade I began being home schooled. Junior year of high school I began attending Shannon Forest Christian School. I graduated there and headed off to North Greenville University to play soccer and study business marketing. After a semester, I dropped out. That next fall I hopped on a plane and left for a non-profit organization in San Francisco. After a 9 month adventure, despite job offers, I decided to head back to my beloved Greenville. Since arriving back I have been finishing my degree, working as an after school teacher, and helping share the hope of creating a better world!


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